June 4, 2020

Happy to know that my work selected and being the winner of coloring challenge, although i registered under hubby account.

March 10, 2020

Finally to have my own studio space :). With this new environment, i hope i can produce more good painting and have more opportunity to showcase my work. 

July 17, 2016

The Color : The soft and the tune down of  color tone represent the simple life rather than vibrant that show over empowering.

The Buffalo : the buffalo without any chain on it and still keep into the group showing a good leadership like the farmer that become the owner...

July 10, 2016

While waiting and nothing to do inside flight so took the opportunity to sketch. Visiting the place out of the city urban area, this is place call bird garden which located near flower market.

This is the place whereby old folk like to spend their spare time and some of...

May 30, 2016

My upcoming group exhibition from Penang Oil Painting Society from 6 June to 21 June 2016. I have total 5 painting going to exhibit for this exhibition. 

March 21, 2016

I have been wanted to do this for quite sometimes, today I start to write on description for painting to share my art concept and thought to my website. Slowly I will add up my description to all my painting. Every single piece of painting is meaningful to me. More to...

March 18, 2016

After a long weekday, finally now come to weekend which i can concentrate on my art. Currently i have a few ideas to create a few series of different kind of morning glory. Image below is one of experiment which i am going to try out this weekend. Hope it work!

March 1, 2016



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